Application Processing

The SMS team performs all application process steps within the principals of our clients’ protocol. We complete evaluations of applications and issue certificates of eligibility upon receiving applications and supporting documents from candidates using client approved staffing agencies. Our team tracks and manages the receipt of applications from candidates, including those collected at job fairs and other recruitment events. We electronically review and process application materials and advise candidates of acceptance and qualification status.

Selection Panels

We prepare a certificate of eligible applicants in accordance with client criteria and established time frames. Our team maintains documentation as required by the client to provide full reconstruction of the hiring process during audits and reviews.

Review Final Selection Package

In consultation with HR representatives, we conduct periodic audits and program reviews of recruitment and selection processes to collect metrics and identify and analyze application trends. Our team provides monthly reports on end-to-end performance metrics to our clients.

Qualified/Eligible Determination

Our support team maintains a history of qualification determinations made on candidates to ensure consistency and maintains a rating sheet for all applicants who apply. We provide flexible weighting and scoring options for self-assessment questionnaires, maintain up-to-date knowledge of current and changing Federal hiring rules. SMS utilizes staffing agencies, conducts applicant rating and ranking against established qualification, and maintains eligibility requirements and standards. We rate and rank applicants based on assessment criteria and use Category Rating methodology for all external ranking actions.

Referring Candidates for Selection

The SMS support team refers the best qualified candidates for assessment and selection based on unique criteria and Federal regulatory requirements. We produce and issue certificates of “Best Qualified” candidates and “Noncompetitive” candidates as appropriate. We also provide application and resume accessibility for review by managers and panel members.

Validate Selections/Non-Selections 

Our Human Resources support team advises candidates of non-selection of their application status. We also make verbal tentative offers, issue tentative offer letters, prepare suitability memos, and initiate drug screening requests.